Here is a tutorial on how to use the class forums.


First to go My Courses and then select the class you want to access.



Now you are in the classroom.



Each class usually has two forums: homework and discussion.



A forum has a bunch of topics (also called threads).






Useful tips for gold students:

If you want your thread to have "subject" headings each time you post, you can do that. It will make it much easier when you go back through your threads to find a specific video that you posted. This is especially useful for Gold students working on different skills.

Here's how you do it:

If you want your gold threads to have "subtopics"
1) You already have your threads created so no change there.
2) when you post your video for review along with your writeup, type it as normal. But before you submit, notice that at the very top left above the first sentence you typed is a rectangular box - you can name your post there. For example, "First serpentine"
3) submit as normal.