Deborah (Gross) Torraca, DPT, MSPT, Diplomat ABPTS, CCRP has been involved in the field of animal physical rehabilitation for over seventeen years and currently owns a small animal rehabilitation practice in Connecticut called Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals, LLC. She received her BS from Boston University, a Masters degree from Quinnipiac College, and her doctorate from the University of Tennessee. She has advanced certifications in her field.Dr. Torraca has lectured throughout the world on the topic of small animal rehabilitation for the past twelve years, and is one of the founders of the Certificate Program in Canine rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee. She has published widely on both the professional level and to dog enthusiasts of many venues. Laser therapy has been an interest and passion of hers for over ten years and she is very active in the development of treatment programs and education on laser therapy.

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Student Testimonials

FE300 - K9 Conditioning with Debbie Gross

I'm addicted to the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy! I have never been dissatisfied with any course that I've taken at FDSA. My list of classes that I’ve taken there just gets longer and longer. Fantastic course material and fantastic Instructors! And the courses available just keep growing. After studying at FDSA, I will never take an on-line course somewhere else ..... unless, and only if, it has a full course description and a syllabus (like FDSA). Love FDSA's course syllabus! But, it's very unlikely that I will be interested in another on-line academy!

This was my first online dog training class. I loved it. The K9 conditioning was great! I can't wait for the next class to start.

This was Deb's first course teaching with the Academy, and I for one am so grateful to her for the way she presented it, and for her feedback to students. And grateful to Denise for recruiting her. Conditioning is something we all should be paying more attention to, I think, and Deb's explanations, demonstrations and encouragement were just what I for one needed. Thank you Barb Duke with the Border Collies in Tasmania, Australia.

Debbie did a phenomenal job of addressing a wide variety of topics over the six weeks, from puppy conditioning to musculoskeletal support of the geriatric dog. She supported a very lively discussion forum and gave very detailed specific attention to each of her students. Looking forward to the 2nd half of this class !!! Ana C.

I have taken a few K9 conditioning classes in the past. In hindsight they felt like working on tons of tricks and I never developed a true routine for my dogs. Deb taught us a great deal in her first class. "Simple" exercises that WORK for all dogs (mine are from 22 months to nearly 10 years) and about canine anatomy! A MUST class for every dog owner!!!

FE305 - Conditioning 2

Fantastic course! So happy I took it. I've seen very promising changes in my dysplastic dog. I love that the advice I got was tailored for her specific needs and limitations. I highly recommend this course.

After finishing both this class and Canine Conditioning 1, I feel that I have the "hands on" skills to keep my dogs in shape and the "observational" skills to understand when they might be having problems. I highly recommend both these classes to all dog owners.

The course definitely exceeded my expectations. I have taken other canine conditioning courses through the years, but this one provided greater depth in understanding canine anatomy, the use of various conditioning equipment/exercises, and how to make conditioning part of your everyday routine. Great course - the dogs just love their daily conditioning adventures.

This was a great course, I'm really happy with the amount if feedback I received and with how much Debbie was willing to customized her advice and suggestions for the individual dogs.

CC260 - Those Bum Knees 

I have worked with a vetrinary physical therapist before, but didn't feel like I had a good program to continue on at home. This class has been invaluable. My dog is moving better, and seems to be more comfortable. A good series of exercises to help her, and a good progression program to help her improve.            

 Debbie was a phenomenal instructor. Extremely credible and professional, and clearly on top of her game. It was a pleasure learning from her.                 

The Bum Knees class had been VERY helpful to me and my Australian Shepherd. The lectures and supporting video helped me to develop an exercise program and gave me a much better understanding of what we are dealing with. Debbi was great and incredibly knowledgeable.             

Learned a great deal about the working of the canine knee, and exercises needed to address issues.

CC250 - Conditioning for Tripod Dog

Such a wonderful course! I thought I was familiar with canine conditioning, but was very surprised by the unexpected challenges facing us as a recent tripod. Taking the class as a Gold student forced me to keep up with the coursework, and looking back, we progressed so well from both a physical and mental perspective. Debbie has an amazing wealth of knowledge, and answered many questions that came up in related areas. She did a great job encouraging progress, whether small or large. --Deb M           

A big thanks to Debbie and everyone at Fenzi for bringing canine fitness and especially TRIPAWD fitness and the best expertise available into our homes. Now, no matter where a Tripawd pawrent lives, there is no excuse for anyone to say they don't have access to quality conditioning and fitness expertise for their pup. This is such a huge benefit for the Tripawds community, we are forever grateful for this course. We hope that Fenzi will continue to offer this course to our small but dedicated community of Tripawds pawrents. Thank you. With much gratitude, Rene Agredano & Jim Nelson, Founders                 

This was a great class for my tripawd! For those of us facing Osteosarcoma, we don't know how long they're going to be with us but I think all vets should start doing PT for all tripawd pups because everything we can do to prevent future injuries is extremely important. I was never expecting my dog to live 2 years on 3 legs so I didn't go for physical therapy because I didn't want him to spend the remainder of his life at the vet. Now I know how to incorporate the exercises into our daily life so PT is all the time every day. -Ingrid I.

Canine Fitness Trainer Series 

I am so excited this course is now being offered. I have researched other canine fitness trainer courses and none seemed as thorough as this. I am grateful we had an opportunity to sign up for all four at once so now I don't have to worry if I get in the next class or not. I have already learned so much and this is just the first level of four! I am also happy with the fact that there will be a certification opportunity after the class. Lisa H.              

 Fantastic course and instructor!!            

The lectures, photos and videos were great. Very clear, pertinent and educational.          
 Debbie Gross does an excellent job providing feedback and making the learning environment welcoming and fun.