Andrea Harrison is an educator who is passionate about all species, including dogs and humans! Having lived with dogs her whole life, Andrea was an early convert to positive training for people and dogs. She has taken this message to the media many times, including appearances on many TV shows and news programs, as well as print and radio.Active as a foster home since 1994, Andrea has had many opportunities to work with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperament types. She has experience working with a wide variety of people as an educator for 22 years. She has explored the science of brain research and worked with people of all ages on being successful and reducing anxiety and stress using her training in counselling, personality typing, and experiences. Differentiating learning experiences for her students has always been a priority for her.

Her competitive addiction is agility. Andrea and her dogs have many titles between them, with placements in Regional and National competitions with her rock star Brody (pictured with Andrea). Her super star dog Sally is the canine lead in the feature film “Saving Dinah" and Andrea was the animal talent coordinator for the film. She also has experience animal wrangling for television. Lately rally and scent work are capturing her attention as well.

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Student Testimonials

FE190: It's All In Your Head -- Developing Your Mental Game for Competition and Training

I loved this course! So often we get very caught up with fixing our dog's training issues that we forget to work on our short-comings. The tools developed in this course are helping me be a more relaxed and focused partner for my dog. I also found this course to be a very nice change of pace and an opportunity to reflect on training, life and develop a great "toolbox" to deal with the stressfull aspects of both.

I am a Fenzi addict. The list of courses I want to take and retake is long and getting longer with every great course idea and instructor Denise introduces. That said, "It's All In Your Head" has provided the largest positive impact to my dog training and trialing to date. Andrea is fantastic and the materials resonate. I have already recommended it to several Fenzi friends. Looking forward to "Handle This"  D. S.

All in Your Head has been a great class to help me deal with my performance ring anxiety. I've been able to fill my toolbox with lots of shiny, new tools that will help me in any endeavor with my dog. Andrea is insightful, encouraging, and is great at creating a safe environment for playing with new ideas. 

Andrea is fantastic caring and in this course makes you feel comfortable enough to open up and share with others things you may not normally talk about.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels their training or performance in trials could benefit from getting their head in the right place! I was perplexed and had no idea what was holding me back, but I knew there was 'something'. This course enabled me to identify that and learn tools to address and overcome the obstacles my own stress was putting in my way. Go gold and do it, Andrea is absolutely amazing. I will be forever grateful Karen C

I took this course in the hopes of finding a cause for my lack of motivation towards training. Through the course I not only found the reason, but I also came away with so many helpful tools that I am using in everyday life. I know I will revisit the material often. One of my all time favorite courses and I can't wait to take her October class. Wendy G.

Thanks for the help and support. This is the first class I have taken at the gold level and I was very impressed by the time and effort. I felt a little like I should back off a few times, but you were so encouraging that I just kept taking up your valuable time! You were great and I am grateful for your help.

Thank you so much! I remember now what I so much enjoy about working with dogs now. Success/Inspiration Board - oh, I can't do that. Yes I can and you should see it. I'm awesome!

Great class, great instructor, lots of thinking!

Thank you ! I'm a bit late and I have to catch up, but it was more than useful !!

Oooooh, you make my brain hurt .... but in a good way. Both of your courses have been so helpful and enlightening to me. Thanks for all the effort you put into your work. Cheers to you too.

FE290 - Handle This

I really like Andrea's courses and would happily take more of them. I believe that so many of my issues with dog sports have to do with my issues and these two classes have allowed me to move forward where I was not doing so before. The dog's skills are great but until I can move past the entail issues we could not be successful in competition.     

Love both of Andrea's courses. The insight I have gained has allowed me to move forward and compete in agility and obedience more confidently and thoughtfully. The toolbox is full of wonderful ideas for more success in dog training and competing and life in general. I would take more of these types of classes taught by Andrea in a heartbeat! Sharon F.        

The class and the materials were great and the information has been invaluable! 

This class was eye-opening, insightful and really helped me frame the issues I have with motivation, goal planning and my mental game when it comes to dog training and life in general. The lectures and techniques discussed were extremely helpful and have made a significant impact in all parts of my life, not just dog training. Six short weeks was not long enough to spend in this class. Andrea is a wonderful instructor providing support when needed and challenging you at the same time to expand and explore every part of you and your psyche. I honestly can't say enough about this class, it is a true gem. Tracey B.

Andrea is funny, patient and non-judgmental, a real model for how I'd like to be with my own students. I really appreciated her approach to helping me towards a goal I have been struggling with for nearly 6 months. Ayoka B.

Andrea - you are awesome. You are so very giving to all your students. Classes with you are a haven! Thank you, thank you thank you.

FE295 - Infinite Possibilities 

Another great class with Andrea! The best money I've spent on myself in a very long time! Can't wait for the start of her next class. Wendy G.

Love the fact this course was run as a silver only. Think this platform for more theory based courses works well and given the nature of what is being covered having a known group helps to create a greater support network in the course and people willing to actually open up honestly which is needed if this type of topic is going to be beneficial. Whilst my focus was possibly different to others Andrea has been amazing.

Although it was a self-directed class, the lectures were very thought-provoking. The generated considerable forum activity.

This course was fascinating, and it didn't exactly give me what I was thinking I would get - it gave me more! I learned things I didn't realise I needed to know, I was reminded of things that I had forgotten, and it really helped me to find ways to understand the emotions that can drive my behaviours and my choices, so that I can then make even better choices, both for me and my dog. Thanks Andrea! Amazing! Liz

FE 390 -Joy of Teaching 

The Joy of Teaching should be top of the list for any instructor - excellent individual advice and lots of insightful tips. Plus praise in all the right places! H L

I only enrolled at bronze level, but I thought this class was brilliant and I got loads of useful tips and advice for myself and my own classes. Thank you for a great class - you're perfect for teaching this class!