Lucy Newton was involved in search and rescue for over 15 years, training numerous personal dogs for wilderness search and rescue, as well as land and water human remains detection. She has deployed for hundreds of missing person cases in both urban and remote wilderness locations. She has also provided training to hundreds of search and rescue dog handlers and their canines.

Lucy also worked for over 10 years as a full-time police sergeant and police canine handler and handled multiple dual purpose patrol/narcotics canines for her police department. Lucy raised and trained all of her police and SAR dogs from puppies. Lucy was a state certified police canine training instructor and served as a field training officer for her department. Lucy has received awards for life saving finds made by her working dogs; they have also had successful finds in human remains detection, evidence recovery, and narcotics detection.

In 2013 Lucy took a full-time position as an instructor and trainer for the Randy Hare School for Dog Trainers teaching detection trainer schools and working dog training classes to law enforcement, military, and professional dog trainers. In addition, Lucy has served as a consultant and trainer for a Colorado-based business that trains dogs to detect a wide variety of plant and animal products important to conservation research projects.

In 2017 Lucy re-located to Mebane North Carolina where she continues to offer high level training and instruction to police, search and rescue, working and sport dog handlers. At Front Sight K-9 Lucy offers board and train programs for sport and working dogs. She also provides coaching for students involved in various dog sports, primarily in obedience, tracking, nosework and foundation work for IPO/Schutzhund.

In addition to training dogs for police and search & rescue, Lucy competes in a variety of sports with her own dogs as well. Her now retired patrol/narcotics detection partner, Steel, has the distinction of having achieved an AKC Tracking Championship as well as an IPO TR1 title in addition to having been a certified police tracking dog. Lucy has achieved titles on her dogs in obedience, tracking and Schutzhund. She is also a National Association of Canine Nose Work Judge and is in the approval process to be an AKC Scent Work Judge.

Lucy is also currently the service dog trainer for the American Humane's Shelter-to-Service Program. This program trains shelter dogs to be service dogs and pairs them with veterans coping with post-traumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injury.

Lucy has taught a variety of clinics throughout the United States and Canada. She currently offers various seminars focusing on aspects of tracking, nosework/detection or scent theory & dynamics. Regardless of the venue, Lucy emphasizes a training philosophy that allows the dog to satisfy his drive and control his own avenue to reinforcement. Her goal is to create high drive, thinking working and sport dogs that can work independently of the handler and be accurate and successful under a variety of conditions.

Lucy also offers private coaching to sport dog handlers, specializing in helping handlers understand how dogs communicate and learn in order to create better performances as well as develop a better working relationship regardless of the venue.

Lucy's Current and Upcoming Courses

Contact Information

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Student Testimonials

TR310 - Introduction to VST Tracking

Super class. Lucy is a great teacher who is attentive to each team, honest, works with each team. Presents material in format that is easy to understand, very structured in what is expected---that is esp. valuable to someone with limited time for training, there's not a lot of fumbling around figuring out what you are supposed to do, she tells you and monitors the progress. Very happy with this class, looking forward to more work with Lucy.               

This course was a wonderful well thought out introduction to variable surface tracking. Lucy's ability to mesh learning theory and science with practical applications leads to a program that makes sense for both beginners and experienced trackers alike. The lectures and demo videos are easy to follow with excellent content and will be a great resource to fall back on in the future. My favourite part of Lucy's classes is her ability and willingness to work with the dog in front of her and varying levels of ability and skill in both the dog and handler. This course was so good we should definitely do it again. Tracey B.            

 Lucy's passion and caring is evident in not only the time spent on feedback and responses to questions, but also providing a hand to hold for the needy student or a kick in the butt for those that need it           

The lectures and watching the progression that the students take along with Lucy's comments were very worthwhile even at Bronze.             

Lucy is helpful and invested in her students. You can see she really wants them to succeed.           

I want every class by Lucy Newton in my library. :)

Lucy is one the BEST! The course material is put together in such a way that you cannot help but understand what it's all about and what you should be doing - even at bronze level.

I enjoyed the class thoroughly and I hope very much that TR311 will be offered again in the future. Thank you very much Lucy for being such a caring and talented instructor!

Lucy, just want to say how much I have enjoyed ALL your courses. I am feeling confident that I can keep forging ahead with the tools and instruction you have given me. I appreciate your thoughtful analysis and feedback of the video submissions. I like how your approach....breaking things down, letting the track teach the dog and positive way I have learned to handle Finnian!!! It blends with everything else I have been learning through the FDSA!!!! Thank you!! :=)

TR101: Introduction to Tracking

I was very happy to find out about the Fenzi Academy because I live in an area where finding good instructors for dog sports can be difficult, particularly those who use positive methods for training. Lucy Newton is world-class, very helpful and knowledgeable about her subject. She is keenly aware of differences in dogs and their progress and abilities. I would recommend her tracking courses to anyone who wants to teach their dog but cannot find a teacher (or wants a better one) or who finds books on the topic somewhat lacking. Great course. Tracy S 

This class provided me with precisely what I had hoped that it would:

  1. A very knowledgeable and insightful instructor. How you discovered and acquired Lucy Newton, I don't know, but I am very glad that you did. She brings a fresh and unusual perspective on training dogs for sport tracking. It turned out to be just what I needed and wanted but didn't know how or where to find it.
  2. Tracking training structure
  3. REGULAR tracking training structure and in segmented sessions - I quickly found that I prefer weekly lectures and assignments that I can view and review at home over a course of six weeks rather then a two or three day seminar two or three states away.
  4. How to lay (!) a strong, incremental, and logical foundation
  5. Article focus (more than track focus) - I have a (tracking certified) dog who, prior to this course, went from nearly ignoring articles on his tracks, to quickly sitting at each article with a quick look back at me over his right shoulder. YES!
  6. Track focus (more than searching for a better way) - My dog HAD a handler who, prior to this course, had become dissatisfied with the common, status quo methods of tracking training she had assimilated over nearly three decades, in fact, had stopped training altogether since the day, in October 2012, that her 3 year old male and 5 month old female were certified by a tracking judge. However my dog HAS a handler who, in this ONLINE course, found a logical, workable training methodology that makes sense and suits her, and who therefore is out happily laying a track almost every day.
  7. Tracking Foundation 2 - Looking forward to it!

THANK YOU, Lucy, and everyone at Dog Sports Academy! I am so glad that I found you all. Patricia C.

Lucy's enthusiasm for tracking is contagious. She individualized her lessons and advice so clearly for every dog and handler ensuring their success along the way. A difficult sport to teach remotely, Lucy made all the material easy to follow so the handlers knew how and why to progress. I can't speak highly enough of how much I enjoyed the class and Lucy's instruction with my atypical tracking breed. Tracey B.

 I've been looking for a method to teach tracking that is not footstep tracking, but also is not "a leisurely stroll through the field." Lucy's method teaches accuracy with drive, an absolutely fantastic combination, and exactly what I've been searching for. There is so little instruction offered in this area, it has been a wonderful experience to be able to track and have someone watch and guide. LOVED this class, can't recommend it enough! Gretchen C.

TR102: Introduction To Tracking 2

I am so glad I found this course, just wish it had been around sooner!! I have a 2 1/2 year old female Doberman who LOVES tracking and is turning into a slow methodical worker thanks to Lucy Newton :) The lectures and forums have made teaching my second Dobie SO much easier. Her progress has been very smooth, really building our confidence. I would highly recommend these fantastic foundation courses for anyone wanting to start tracking or build more precision. Leanne S.

I love the Tracking classes :) I am so glad there will be a continuing class efter this class. Thanks for that, Lucy! It is fun to be part in a tracking group where we are doing the same thing. Even if I am just a bronze member it feels more fun than doing tracking all alone all the time. Also for Fenzi Academy in general I want to say I like that you offer the bronze membership. It is of course more fun to be a gold or silver member, but for us that can't spend very much money, it is great!

I have been tracking for 25 years, judging and competing, and I knew in my heart there was a better way than the traditional way I have always trained my dogs for tracking. Lucy has come up with a system that sits well with positive training techniques, shaping the behaviour and allowing the dog to learn from the track. Brilliant. Debby L

Once again Fenzi Dog Sports Academy hits a home run! Fantastic content, great instructor! I learned a ton and can't wait for more. 

TR203: Tracking Skillbuilding

This is my third session with Fenzi. I have enjoyed every single one of them!! And as usual, Lucy Newton has proven to be an excellent instructor. She was able to get me back on track after I had some problems with my dogs. I also love how she can work with students who have such various levels of experience. Lucy explains things in such a way that I, an inexperienced tracker, understand what she is saying. Thank you Lucy for all your help. I'll see you in the next class!!!!!

Learning tracking online has been an amazing experience and who would have thought that it would work so well. I'm disappointed that the 'advanced' tracking classes are not continuing although Lucy has provided a great deal of material for us to continue to work with.

Lucy is awesome! She has helped our tracking skills and knowledge tremendously. There are very limited tracking resources where I am, and no one who teaches Lucy's style of tracking. Her style was just what my dog and I needed, and I so wish that there were more advanced classes that we could take! Allyssa M.

Lucy is brilliant....she is skilled at looking at each dog and handler as individuals and guiding them along a path that is just right for them. Her methods and solutions are so innovative and, she is not only can offer solutions, but also she explains how the solution works and why it is the best choice. One thing that really impresses me is that she teaches us to problem solve so that we can continue on our journey after the class is done. Her patience is outstanding as she helps us learn about this fine sport. My dogs and I are so grateful that we found her.

NW 120: Introduction to the Nosework Elements

Lucy, I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful NW120 class. I was signed up as a Bronze student and I learned so much. Meeka, my BRT was able to pass her PT1, PT2 and PT3 a couple of weeks ago.  When Meeka and I entered our first trial I had no idea how we would fare as we have been training by ourselves using the techniques laid out in NW101 and NW120.  Our first trial was an amazing experience and I was on such a high for the rest of that weekend.  Everything in class was so well laid out and being able to watch the Gold students and follow the critiques was very helpful.  Thank you for the time and the effort that you put into the lectures, videos and the critiques.  They are all very helpful and I can't wait for the next class to begin!

I took this class with Max my low drive Cavalier, hoping to increase his confidence. I don't think anyone who watches him at nose work would call him low drive. He seems to have found his niche. I believe that the step by step method we are given helps our dogs be successful every time we play - which in turn helps them to love the game more. Debbie D.

The online nosework classes have exceeded all my expectations. With no local classes available and the ability to go at my own pace from the comfort of my home, these courses have been a great opportunity for us. I do believe nosework is well suited for online course work and feel the class has progressed and "bonded" like any live class - maybe even more!! Keep up the great work! Julie S

My dog and I learned a lot taking the NW 120 class . Thanks to the instructor we passed our Birch and Anise at our first ORT. I look forward to taking the next class so we can better our skills to go for our NW1 title when Pink is a year old.

NW130: Continuing Nosework

I've never taken an online dog training course and my first reaction when I heard that there were such courses was that it couldn't possibly work. Well, I was certainly wrong! I had such a great time taking my first course, I learned so much, and feel like I made new friends. I can't wait to sign up for my next course. My only complaint is that I have to wait for 2 weeks for the next semester!

 Lucy is an excellent instructor! She very clearly explained new concepts in her lectures and provided videos that were useful to understand the material. My dog and I passed our NW1 thanks to the skills we gained during this 6-week class. 

An excellent way of learning a dog sport which is still nearly unknown in Sweden! Helena L

NW150 - Scent Theory & Dynamics

Thank you SO much. I have learned so much, especially an initial understanding how scent flow works, the many factors that affect it. These are things that I know will help me be a better team partner for my dog.

I would take another class from Lucy, she was awesome.

As always, Lucy's courses are the best!

NW160 - Alerts - Development and Problem Solving