Nancy Gagliardi Little  has been training dogs since the early 1980's when she put an OTCH on her Novice A dog, a Labrador Retriever. Since then she has put many advanced obedience titles on her dogs, including 4 AKC OTCH titles, 6 UD titles, 3 UDX titles, and multiple championships in herding and agility.

Nancy is a retired obedience judge, having judged all obedience classes from 1986-2008. She enjoyed judging around the country and had the honor of judging 3 National obedience tournaments in Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina. She retired from judging to spend more time training her own dogs and competing in obedience, herding, and agility.

Nancy draws from her experience training and competing in multiple sports, which has given her insight into innovative and creative ways of training and handling dogs. She finds that most trainers have no issues training the "big picture," but they tend to lose sight of some of the little details that are the building blocks to the communication and the relationship between them and their dogs. She loves working with very different challenges and trying to help people find a way to improve their communication with their partners.

Over the years, she has moved from a more traditional obedience training background towards reward based/positive methods in training dogs in all areas. As a result she understands the challenges faced by "crossover" trainers and dogs, and can help handlers find their way to newer and more positive training techniques.

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Student Testimonials

FE220: Control that Crazy Canine 

Crate games were new to me before taking Control that Crazy Canine. What an excellent, positive and fun way to help with impulse control. Nancy was so positive, clear and detailed in all of her video comments and answers to everyone's questions. The lectures were clear, easy to understand with great videos. Nice to see mistakes made in training, left in the videos ..... a great way to help with the learning. Crate games will be one more addition to my tool box. Thank you Nancy for all your help! Judy B

I started as an auditor, but was so impressed with the feedback Nancy was giving in the first day or two, that I realized how valuable the class would be for me - I am so glad that I upgraded to Gold! I really do like the way the forums are set up - much nicer and easier to follow other participants than another on-line class I took that relied on facebook.

Nancy Gagliardi Little is obviously passionate about this topic and it comes through in her teaching. Very thorough critiques which were on point (no "sugar coating") yet highly supportive and encouraging. - Jan V

Loved Nancy's attention to detail and strong encouragement when we were frustrated with different tasks; She was willing to go beyond the course lectures and provide lots of other helpful material specific to each dog and handler.

AG150 - Impulse Control for the Agility Dog

Nancy is a genius and this is by far the best class I have ever had, in person or online. She is an amazing instructor with an incredible attention to detail.

Nancy is absolutely the best! We have taken her impulse control for the competition dog and now this class for impulse control in agility dogs. It has been invaluable, and many of us are looking forward to continuing in a second session with Nancy. I only wish that I had started my dog with her methods, as I will with my next puppy. Nancy shows you how to let the dog make the right choices to control his impulses - much more fun for dog and handler - and definitely less frustrating for both.

I have been competing in agility nearly my entire life, and have been instructing agility for a quarter of my life. I signed up for Agility Impulse as an auditor to give myself a fresh tune-up on such important skills necessary for successful agility teams. It was exactly what I needed to get my brain going again on things that were so obvious to me once I was reading the lecture material provided. This class not only enlightened me to new things about my own dogs, but as I was reading the material, I was writing notes about my students' dogs and ways to help them achieve higher goals and greater success. I'm so happy I took the time and made the investment! Thank you for the Fenzi Academy! Megan F Synergy Dog Sports Stanwood, WA

This class was a turning point in my relationship with my puppy. Before the class was sheer chaos and regret that I ever let this beast into my life. The class put me on a productive path right away, and things are so much better now.

OB455 - Handlers Choice - Obedience Polishing

This class was one of the best classes I have taken at FDSA in that it was packed full of excellent information in so many different areas of obedience, from handling to teaching an exercise. This class rocked!!! Nancy, thank you for all your hard work, it cannot be an easy class to teach. We hope you teach it again, we will definitely try for Gold again!!! ~ Chris and Yuri          

 I am so impressed by Nancy's professionalism. And willingness to listen when a concern was voiced and make modifications so that I could Lear and we could make progress. I only wish this class was offered every term.      

I can't say enough about the level of expertise and ingenuity that this class revealed in our instructor, Nancy Little. She worked with a WIDE variety of training problems and I was able to glean information from everything she said! What an amazing class!              

Words cannot describe what an incredible class this was. Not just Nancy's eye, as that of a judge, but her ability to teach or tweak every single exercise in a way that makes the dogs just glow with happiness. What an absolutely fantastic class. I wish it could go on forever! Mary Ann E             

Nancy was thorough and kind, and provided concise and targeted feedback that fixed some major heeling issues within a few video submissions. This class was exactly what I needed to clean up my handling.              

Nancy has a great eye for detail while keeping the big picture in mind and it is obvious that she brings a wealth of experience to her teaching. She helped me figure out specific steps to improve my training sessions and the results were obvious. She helped me prioritize what I needed to focus on as I prepare my dog for Open emphasizing building a strong working relationship and joyful attitude. I would gladly take this class over again for the opportunity to work with Nancy.